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Re: Exhaust Gasket

Subject: Re: Exhaust Gasket
From: "G.G. Causey" <>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 20:21:22 -0800
John Twist said "The good gaskets are supplied with the silver, metal side and 
an asbestos side. The SILVER side is fitted DOWN so that the more flexible 
ASBESTOS is fitted UP against the manifold. I usually coat the metal band of 
the gasket, as well as the corresponding section of the exhaust pipe, with 
nickle anti-seize, so that it is easily removed next time. Fast Forward!" that's the way I always do it.


> Which end is up for the gaskets between the exhaust pipes and the exhaust
> manifold?  The metal side or the sooty material side?

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