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Engine & Overdrive Tranny

To: "MG Discussion" <>
Subject: Engine & Overdrive Tranny
From: "Brian Lundgren" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 14:11:35 -0500
I just bought and picked up a '79B with OD.  The car came with a spare motor
and overdrive transmission.  PO said the motor was taken out of a '80 LE.  The
motor was pulled and gone through, then put back, car was driven for a month
and a half, then daughter hit a pole and totalled the car.  Tranny feels real
smooth.  Wondering if anyone here would be interested in the spare motor and
transmission before it goes to Ebay, I need the money more than the spare
right now.  It's located in central TX, just outside Austin.   Email me off
list if interested at

Brian R. Lundgren
Elgin, TX  78621

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