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Re: Western Africa (Non-LBC)

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Subject: Re: Western Africa (Non-LBC)
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Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 13:11:55 -0400

As a former Foreign Service Staff Officer and having been assigned to Dakar, 
Senegal for a couple of years I can say that she should wait and purchase 
something used - perhaps from one of the outgoing staff members.  I bought a 
Ford Cortina used from another staff member and used it until I left and 
sold it there.  This is of course just for running around town - if she 
plans on trips far afield (not advised!!) she would be better off with 
something newer.  DO NOT Take an American car as it would be impossible to 
get serviced and parts would be unobtainum.

She should be getting a document from the post describing transportation and 
personal autos as well as other pertinent things she should know about the 
post. I believe the Foreign Service lounge in DC should have pamphlets 

Good luck to her.


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Subject: Western Africa (Non-LBC)

>I would like to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the
> list(s) for car-related information on a territory in Western Africa on 
> the
> Atlantic Coast.
> My sister is in the Foreign Service and has been assigned to the US 
> Embassy
> in Benin, Africa. She will be required to buy a car for personal
> transportation,  as no public facilities exist. My question relates to how 
> different or
> similar  the cars available there are to our own in the US. This will 
> determine
> whether  she buys something new to eventually bring with her to her next
> assignment (or  home) or something older to leave behind.
> For example, I would guess they are LH drive, have no catalytic converters
> or emissions systems, flashers, seatbelts, etc. Does anyone have any 
> related
> knowledge or an idea where I can find it?
> Thanks for any help!!
> Steve
> Sacramento, CA

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