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Re: NON - MG Computer Problem

To: Zach Dorsch <>
Subject: Re: NON - MG Computer Problem
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 17:50:58 -0500
Zach Dorsch wrote:

> Hi List,
> I have noticed that a number of you deal with computers at a
> professional level (something that I am definitely not!).  I would
> normally go to my university ITS but they don't open until Monday.
> My computer decided to go crazy today for lack of better terms.
> Basically I was on the internet searching the usual sites that I
> check every morning during breakfast and all of sudden the computer
> just slowed down.  I next got a pop up error message informing me
> that my firewall had been shut down and automatic updates are also
> not activated.  Every time I try to activate these two I get an error
> message which will not allow me to activate them.  I have checked the
> 'Windows Task Manager' frequently because the computer has been
> chugging along even though CPU usage 0% or 100%.  Then everything is
> fine until I try to start opening programs and sometimes it will take
> forever and other times not (especially when going to the Windows
> download page--when it does finally connect I get another error
> message).
> Does this sound like a virus or has something managed to get shut
> down and thus effected the rest of the computer?

Very well might be a virus or trojan; they often shut down a firewall or
antivirus program as part of their evil doings.

I recommend you try this site for an online scan:

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