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sputtering- dying

To: "MG list" <>
Subject: sputtering- dying
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 08:07:35 -0500
After a month of being idle, I drove the 67B eight miles to town a few days
ago. I took it to the car wash and on the way home it started missing and
when making a corner and downshifting to second it died. I noticed as it was
missing (and dying) the tach was jumping all over the place. I started it up
again and it missed and died. Restarted and drove the 4 miles home without
incident. I thought something had just gotten wet while washing (sometimes
the tach and turn signals die for a while after taking it to the car wash;
I've  found that the problem seems to be a wet connection by the firewall on
the green wires but it usually dries out and then is fine).  So the car sat
for two days and I started it up and was doing the same thing; missing and
Any suggestions on where to start looking? I didn't notice the generator
light coming on while the tach was doing it's tricks.

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