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Re: report - RB MGB drifts right on braking

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Subject: Re: report - RB MGB drifts right on braking
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 07:26:26 -0500
Thanks for that info, Eric. I have the same problem only towards the left.
I'll check that out someday!

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Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 8:04 PM
Subject: report - RB MGB drifts right on braking

> I finally traced down and repaired a nagging issue on our 1978 MGB.
> It would drift right on braking. I had rebuilt the entire brake system
> I put it back on the road a couple of years ago (rebuilt/replaced: MC,
> calipers, brake cylinders, all flex hoses). I replaced the A-arm's rubber
> bushes. I tightened all suspension bolts front & rear. I rotated tires. I
> had the front end (toe) aligned. Still drifted right on braking. It wasn't
> really a pull on braking but it still didn't seem right. I re-bled the
> brakes and even measured that the volume of brake fluid pumped out from
> side was equal with each pedal stroke. I had the rotors turned and
> the pads. No change.
> One day I pushed the MG back into the garage after we replaced the starter
> on my son's pick-up. As the MG bumped up against a 4x6 block of wood I had
> placed on the floor I heard & felt a 'clunk'. Something I probably
> have heard if I had driven the MG into the garage.
> Turns out the rubber pads between the cross member and 'frame rails' were
> shot. Although I had tightened the attachment bolts, I was only tightening
> them against the stepped portion of the bolts - and not actually
> the cross member. I replaced the deteriorated rubber pads with urethane
> pads. (the right side was essentially gone, there were remnants on the
> side)
> Now she tracks and stops straight and true.

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