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Wiring tips

Subject: Wiring tips
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 21:06:09 EDT
One great tip that worked for me on wiring -- take the wiring harness in your 
workshop manual to Kinko's and ask them to enlarge it onto the biggest piece 
of paper they have -- 18x24, for example, is terrific. Have them make a few 
copies. You might have them mount one on foam core. Then cover the mounted one 
with a layer of transparent plastic. Now, with marking pencils, you can trace a 
particular circuit while you're trouble-shooting it, or color in wires, or 
With the enlarged wiring diagram, which shows the colors of all of the wires, 
it isn't hugely difficult to get the right wire hooked up to the right 
component. Routing is another question, however, and there, the tip to borrow a 
friend's car as a reference is an excellent one.
Good luck, 
Gary Anderson

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