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Re:   Classic Car Insurance

Subject: Re:   Classic Car Insurance
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 20:29:55 EDT
S'true that different classic car insurance specialists have different 
limitations, but they're all oriented to the same objective: make sure that the 
is used truly as a hobby car, gets driven relatively seldom and then in 
situations where it is less likely to be at risk than a daily drive. Within 
limits, drivers have relatively low accident claims, so they can offer 
rates that are significantly lower than what a standard insurance company 
charges for a regular car. The specialist can also offer agreed-value 
compensation, rather than the standard cash or market value policies that 
insurers write on your Honda Civic or Chevy Cavalier.
That having been said, I believe that Hagerty does NOT have a mileage 
limitation, based on a number of interviews I've done with the various 
It does however, require that you personally own and insure another car on a 
standard policy, that is generally used as your daily driver. It specifies that 
the car you have insured with Hagerty is covered for "hobby and recreational 
use, only" if I remember the policy right. (Other companies may specify 
something like "parade and show" or have mileage limitationes, etc.
Incidentally, I have had Hagerty for as many years as I've owned classic 
cars, have had to make two collision claims and one total loss, and on each of 
those the handling of the claim was exemplary.
But I've heard that of other specialist carriers as well.
Gary Anderson

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