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Re: Classic Car Insurance

To: "Councill, David" <>
Subject: Re: Classic Car Insurance
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 19:46:57 -0500
Councill, David wrote:
> I think this brings up even more of an issue. But first let me
> backtrack a bit since i am just coming into this discussion.
> So based on previous list discussions, I checked classic car
> insurance and moved my LBCs over to Hagerty about five years ago. I
> get full coverage for both cars at $135 compared to what was about
> $300 a year for liability only per car with USAA. If I did not drive
> them to work at all, they would really get very little use. Even now,
> since I have four cars, each MG probably gets only 2000 miles a year.
    I talked to Hagerty a couple of years ago.  Driving the car to work 
  was a no-no.  So was leaving it in a parking lot at other than a 
club/show function.
> So back to the dilemma of the car getting whacked in a parking lot -
> well if I had regular car insurance, I wouldn't get a dime anyway
> since they would only give me liability. So if Hagerty did not cover
> it because it was at the campus parking lot, am I any worse off?

   Sure.  Especially if you hit something with it.  Then NONE of your 
Hagerty insurance would cover you or it.

> Bottom line is I get more coverage for a lot less money even if it
> only covers my car under limited circumstances. I do sometimes drive
> them to work and I make sure the car is where it can be seen, so it
> does get displayed along with getting a needed mainteanace drive.

   And if you get into an accident you have no coverage unless you're 
willing to lie about where you were going.
> Is there regular comprehensive car insrance for a MGB rather than the
> minimal liability coverage? 

   I had full coverage on my B until I decided to go only liability on 
it because of the cost.

> Yes, I'm probably not abiding to the
> classic car policy by the letter but the cars are still under a low
> risk scenario similar to the intent of the policy and they are not
> daily drivers anymore. But then I really don't have a daily driver
> as the duty is split between all my cars.

   The above means you're in denial.  You know that you're violating the 
terms of the classics policy so you attempt to rationalize it.  Think 
about it this way: If you get into a bad accident that's your fault and 
Hagerty refuses to cover it, you face financial ruin.  It's not worth 
the candle.



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