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Re: clutch slip or OD?

To: "R. Martin Rogovein" <>
Subject: Re: clutch slip or OD?
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 20:49:25 -0600
It sounds like OD to me, since you have no problems in other gears.  I 
would plan on replacing the clutch anyway though unless you are sure if 
it's history since you will already have the engine out.
The part you are referring to in the OD is called the sliding member.  I 
am not sure if  it is available any more, you might have to have it 
Had all this happen to me so I thought I would give you my experience.

R. Martin Rogovein wrote:

>Was driving the other day and noticed the clutch was slipping really badly
>in 3rd gear at moderate speeds, engine spooling up quite nicely but the car
>not going anywhere.
>It started rather suddenly, i hadn't noticed any slippage or odd feelings in
>the clutch beforehand.
>Neutral is fine, and the clutch seems to work, ie, there is no problem
>engaging gears or changing gears.
>I read in the archives that this may be a sign of a glazed pressure plate in
>the OD rather than a clutch problem.
>My OD suddenly sprang to life a few months ago after not having worked since
>I've owned the car, so I am suspicious of it to say the least.  Now, it
>always kicks in (3rd and 4th only, of course) when I switch it on, but
>doesn't always disengage immediately when I switch it off.
>So, the question is:
>1) how can you tell from the symptoms if the problem is the OD or the
>2) what is involved in replacing the pressure plate in the OD? (r&r on the
>clutch has been extensively covered here recently, no need to go into that
>70 roadster
>Tel Aviv

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