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Re: Gear shift knobs

To: Barrie Robinson <>,
Subject: Re: Gear shift knobs
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 23:31:29 -0600
Barrie Robinson wrote:

> A wood local turner made me a bird's eye and ebony gear shift but due 
> to bad glue (weak crazy glue) it came apart.  Now he says he can make 
> another and I have decided on solid black Indian ebony.  However they 
> only sell it in 2" X 2" X 18" pieces - enough for 6 knobs!   Is there 
> anyone out there that would want one of these.  The cost of the wood 
> per knob works out at $8 and I think he would turn them for $15 each.  
> So allowing for postage the bill would be roughly $25.  They would be 
> solid with a hole into which you would have to fit a 1/2" wide 7/8ths 
> long tapped nut which I have found in the local hardware store.  I  
> need a 5/16 NC 18 pitch one as I have a Rover SD1 gear lever but 
> others must be available.  The hole would be just over 1/2".  Nothing 
> on the top as I cannot find those gear shift pattern things as 
> normally appears on knobs. 

Barrie, if you get orders for all of them, that's fine, but if you are short 
one or two, I would be interested in buying the stock, umworked, for use in 
jewelry inlay, since I'm getting a bit short on ebony. Let me know if this will 

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