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RE: Poor brakes - and how to get to them

To: "Gosling, Richard B" <>,
Subject: RE: Poor brakes - and how to get to them
From: Zach Dorsch <>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 07:30:15 -0800 (PST)
I know that space is tight under the dash, but that may be another option.  Use 
a set of vice grips (mole grips?) to get the machine screw from under the dash 
next to the pedal.  I can't look right now, but I remember that on my '73 they 
stuck down far enough to at least give it a try.
  Hope this helps,

"Gosling, Richard B" <> wrote:
  Thanks for the input Robert.

I don't own a Dremel - I'd be happy to buy one (always happy to have an
excuse to enlarge my tool collection!), but I really doubt that it would be
able to fit in to that narrow gap between the pedal box and the wing.

As for removing the wing, well, I've only just fitted it on! But again,
removing the outer wing wouldn't help, because the inner wing is still in
the way...

Richard Gosling & Nancy

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