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Re: Thanks for the advice- sputtering 74 MGB

Subject: Re: Thanks for the advice- sputtering 74 MGB
From: yd3 <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 22:01:06 -0600
> That said, there is a situation where you may want to go to a Petronix: if
> your dizzy bushings are worn and you're not ready to do a re-build. 

Not recommended either.  Last summer I went through a very trying time figuring 
out why my Mother's car with electronic trigger ignition wouldn't run well.  
Changed cap, coil rotor, high tension leads, EI opickupo coil, spark box, 
injection box, coil, etc:  Everything in the ignition circuit to no avail.  I 
had noticed there was a slight wobble in the rotor shaft, but didn't think it 
would have any effect.  After a year and several thousand miles with the car 
being worse in cold weather and getting worse, I gave up and took it to the 
shop.  The mechanic checked the rotor and cap first off which was where I had 
started.  By now the bearings were worse and he noticed extreme wobble.  
Replaced the dizzy with a used one and no more problems.

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