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Re: Setting carbs for first time

Subject: Re: Setting carbs for first time
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 21:44:12 -0600
  If a pro rebuilt the carbs, I'd guess that they are already set.  Part 
of the rebuild is setting them up mechanically.  BTW, which carbs are they?

   I'd suggest you find TDC on #1 cylinder, on the compression stroke 
(both valves closed) and check to see that the rotor is pointing at the 
#1 terminal on the dizzy cap.  Then set your static timing.


    CR wrote:
> I rebuilt the engine myself, and had the carbs done by Joe Curto.  New  vac 
> advance too.  Timed the engine with the starter spinning to something  close 
> spec.  But since the carbs are rebuilt, they are so far off I  can't get the 
> car to start.  It will run very briefly, like for a second or  two, backfire, 
> and stall.  I honestly don't know where to even begin.   Advice?
> -John

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