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RE: I'm a bit lost

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Subject: RE: I'm a bit lost
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Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 13:10:50 -0800

This is a very common problem with any kind of event being put on.  

This is a convention, not a car show.  The car show is only one part of
a multi day event.  There are tours, technical discussion groups,
dinners, hospitality suites etc. etc.  

You will have to judge how you wish to participate.  If you only intend
to come down for the car show, to see the cars and just walk around a
bit, then I would not recommend registering for the event.  

I would suggest contacting the event organizer to ensure that the car
show is open to the public and there are no liability problems with
walking in.  

Some events do have closed car shows that are not open to the public due
to insurance or location concerns. 

If you want to come down and be a part of the event, which includes
going on the tours, restaurant runs, sitting in on lectures, hanging out
for the parking lot bashes etc, then you should register, even if you
are not driving or showing a British car.  You will then be a registered
guest of the event, with insurance coverage and event information.
There are a lot of us that can't be there with a car for various
reasons, but that does not have to be a restriction on the amount of
enjoyment.  You are welcome to join the tours with your non-British car
and a lot of times such vehicles come in really handy for shuttling
other attendees who don't have British cars either.

Registering or not registering is mostly an honor question depending on
how much you intend to be a part of the event.  Non registered visitors
are usually not hassled as on the whole the events are put on by
friendly people.  If you get out of line or are blatantly out for a free
ride, you may be asked to register or leave, but I would think you would
have to work at it.

The same logic goes for joining the National Registers.  These are
organized by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and really deserve the support
of the people who enjoy the cars.  It's a very cold world out there with
a lot of people who have not the slightest concept of why we enjoy these
cars.  Any organization that works to preserve enthusiasm deserves


Kelvin Dodd 

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Subject: I'm a bit lost

I went to the web site on the MG event in TN and started filling out  
the form when it appeared to me as if I was registering to show my B.
All I want to do is drive down and look at the show.
Any one know if I need to register my car and pay a fee just to go,  
or am I filling out the wrong form(s)?
Help would be appreciated.

Mike Torrusio

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