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RE: SU Fuel pump mounting

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Subject: RE: SU Fuel pump mounting
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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 15:30:35 -0800

When the fuel pump diaphragm is wanging away it tends to suck dirt in
and out of the coil and points areas.  These nipples allow you to hook
up tubes to areas of "clean air" such as the boot area, or as Don notes
up into the frame rail of the rubber bumper cars.  They don't go to the
canisters, but just dead end within the rail.  This allows dust free air
to move in and out of the pump assembly and increases the life of the
pump in dusty climates.  

One of those nice little improvements that came along the way.  

In the 1970 they would hook up to a T fitting in the boot, or in your
case spare tire area.  

Sorry, no piccies to send of the mounting.  Just make sure that the
inlet and outlet of the pump are oriented correctly.  There is a legend
on the side of the pump showing correct orientation.  


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They're for attaching vent tubes.  On later US-spec MGBs there were
diameter flexible lines (vent tubes)  attached to the car chassis that
onto the pump (that lead to the charcoal canister I believe).

>>> Barrie Robinson <> 3/9/2006 1:52:17 PM >>>
Several people have kindly advised me how the SU fuel pump mount in a
1970 MGB GT but I wonder if anyone has any photos of the standard way
- or even similar way.  It is just that a picture is worth a 1,000
words - but in my case 10,000 !

Another question.  There are two spigots.  One at the base of the
electrical 'tower' right next to the model number tab, and another
right next to the negative connection (hot wire)  They are approx
3/32" What are these for?  Do I have to connect them to anything?  Do
they let out excess Lucas smoke?


Barrie Robinson
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