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Re: V.B. Power Door Locks

To: "Jack Feldman" <>, <>
Subject: Re: V.B. Power Door Locks
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:27:59 -0000
Can't speak for VB, but I have installed power locks from the MGOC in the
UK.  These were just the motors, connecting to an output on an alarm system
that I already had installed.  There were no physical mounting instructions
at all, and minimal electrical instructions, but as logic dictates that the
motor has to pull and push on the rod that connects the locking lever to the
door lock it wasn't difficult to come up with something that worked.  The
motor has a rod as well, and there was a miniature U-clamp to clamp the two
rods together, if you position both the motor and the locking lever mid-way
in their respective travels you will be about right, the motor having a
significantly longer unfettered travel than the manual lever.  As far as
wireless range goes I have always found that I have to be much closer to the
car than more modern machinery where it is OE equipment, sometimes right by
the drivers window, my control unit is mounted above the glovebox (UK tin
dash) with the aerial wire hanging down but out of sight.


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> I'm wondering if anyone has installed the remote door locks  on their B.

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