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Re: Truing wire wheels and mounting, balancing tires

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Subject: Re: Truing wire wheels and mounting, balancing tires
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:13:44 -0000
Loose?  Or broken?  I have had chrome wires with chrome spokes and although
they were fine for the first 8 or 9 years I find now that I break one or two
per year.  Truing isn't a problem, any classic bike place should be able to
do that.  Be very careful with balancing, most places with computer assisted
balancing machines can't mount centre-lock wheels properly - in the UK at
least.  They *do* use the centre hole, but that is for modern stud-mounted
wheels, and the cones they use to hold the wheel are not suitable for
centre-locks.  These have to be supported by an outer cone on the inside
face of the wheel, which these machines do use, but by an outer cone on the
outer face of the wheel which they do not.  They will use another inner
cone, and likely as not tell you your wheel is knackered and wobbling all
over the place whereas it runs true on the car.  There is a similar problem
with Rostyles and V8 alloys, but with these the problem is that the centre
hole was never designed for use on these machines (which came much later)
and so are not concentric or accurate enough, so you need a place that can
mount them using the stud holes.


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> I'm putting new tires on my MGA with knock-off wire wheels. When removing
> the wheels from the car, I noticed that each wheel had a couple of loose
> spokes. I would like to get the wheels trued up, which I believe should be
> done before mounting the tires and then get the tires mounted and
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that can do this work?

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