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Re: my new daily driver

To: "Max Heim" <>
Subject: Re: my new daily driver
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 16:07:25 -0700
On 5/1/06, Max Heim <> wrote:
> My point about flat fours is that they require twice as many head gaskets,
> cams, rocker shafts, and intake and exhaust manifolds, as an inline four of
> the same configuration (OHV, DOHC, etc). When you are talking about 8 or 12
> cylinders that would otherwise be in a V, there is no difference, but in a
> small engine like a four that is a lot of complexity (and cost) to add with
> no corresponding improvement in operational efficiency.

Flat-4s give you better dynamic balance. Modern in-line 4s have extra
moving parts just to improve dynamic balance (balance shafts) -- so
there is added complexity in the inline-4.

As I mentioned, the Alfa Flat-4 engine had zero rocker shafts and only
2 camshafts.


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