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Re: Odd Problem...

To: "S. Allen" <>
Subject: Re: Odd Problem...
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 18:29:37 -0500
I just fought this for months, it would always start but sometimes it 
took more turns of the key than others.

Check and clean the braided ground strap that goes from the left front 
motor mount to the frame.  Everyone kept telling me to check the ground 
and one of the first things I did was clean the battery to body ground, 
so I ignored their suggestions until thinking of the engine ground.

It may not help but it is a suggestion.


S. Allen wrote:

>Back in February I had to replace the ignition on my '74 1/2 BGT.  A month
>after that I hopped in the car after running some errands and turned the key
>and...  Nothing.
>Hours later and voltmeter in hand I to test tried again and it started right
>up. So, I put away the voltmeter...
>A few weeks later it happened again, but I had to travel so I had it towed
>to my local MG shop.  They checked out the ignition, starter, battery,
>battery conns and relays, and could find nothing wrong. The owner of the
>shop suggested that if it happens again I should bump the starter or try and
>roll start it to see if there was dead spot in the starter.
>Two months go by without problems and last week it started again.  I could
>bump or roll start it.  And it only did it when the car was hot.  If I let
>it sit for a while it'd work.
>So starter right?
>Put a new one in.  Same problem.
>Anyone else experience this?
>Any ideas?

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