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Clunk, Tach, High-beams

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Subject: Clunk, Tach, High-beams
From: "Douglas McKinnie" <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 00:29:18 +0100
Descriptive enough title?

Well I and my 1970 MGB-GT are reunited, and I've had extremely 
little time to play with it in the year since I got it -- something to 
do with not being on the same continent and all.

My concerns at the moment are:

There is a frequent very loud "clunk" from behind me when I do 
thingslike reverse out of a parking space and then stop, or stop 
moving forward and start up in reverse. Sometimes when I brake.
The previous owner has installed someones real telescopic-
shock conversion, but my suspicion is that it is worn splines on
the wire wheel or hub. I've got three extra wheels that came with 
the car, so what do I look for to see which is best or wheter it is 
the hub rather than the wheel?

The tach bounces around alot. I have a vague memory of this 
being described on this list as related to a bad connection
in the distributor, one that will eventually result in "no-go". I
like very much to "go", so should I be concerned? and for some
reason when I switch on the side-lights or headlights the tach
drops to zero....

Speaking of the headlamps, the high beam switch (1970 
combined indicator/horn/high-beam) is very floppy in the
fore-aft switching the high-beams on direction, and perhaps 
more importantly is very intermittent. Perhaps very intermittent 
is the wrong word, as rather dependably the high beams do not
work, and occasionally the low beams shut of for good measure.
Only very occasionally do the high beams come on. I'm thinking 
that tonight I'll pull the switch, dismantle it, and attack it with 
a toothbrush and solvent -- perhaps those more experienced with
this sort of thing can tell me if it is worth bothering?

Aside from that the car is a joy to drive.

Douglas, in Ohio
'70 MGB-GT

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