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Re: Telescopic shock specs - ??

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: Telescopic shock specs - ??
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 20:01:48 -0500

If you go to the parts store and ask to see the shock book it has a 
section in the back with the breakdown you are talking about.  It will 
take awhile but the info is there.  It's how I found the ones for the 
conversion kit I made.  Hope this helps.


Max Heim wrote:

>Without getting into a controversy about the utility of this modification, I
>was wondering if anyone had any information on the specifications of the
>tube shocks that were provided with the Wheelwright conversion kits for
>I have the part number (from the box) of one of the shocks (somewhere), but
>I don't know if it is for the front or the rear. It is some odd brand made
>in Brazil, so it may not be useful, anyway.
>The British Automotive website lists specs for rear shocks, but for a
>different kit (their proprietary design).
>I realize I can remove a shock from the car to get the vital dimensions (eye
>diameter, extended length, compressed length), but that only helps if I can
>find this information for current major brand shocks, referenced to part
>numbers. If anyone is aware of an online source for this type of info, that
>would be great.

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