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Re: MGB aluminum radiators

To: Rick Starkweather <>,
Subject: Re: MGB aluminum radiators
From: dave houser <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:40:40 -0400
thanks so far for the leads on the radiator to all who responded.

Rick Starkweather wrote:

>Dave:  I had one made up by Ron Davis for my SCCA car.  It is a straight
>swap for the stock radiator and is truly a "work of art"  Expensive, but
>worth it in my opinion.
>Richard D. Starkweather
>ScottMadden, Inc.
>919-781-4191 (office)
>919-345-9871 (mobile)
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>Subject: MGB aluminum radiators
>Anyone using an aluminum radiator that knows of various resources for 
>fabricating or ready-made units for a 69 model MGB-GT?
>Dave Houser

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