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Re: MGB belt tightness

To: dave houser <>
Subject: Re: MGB belt tightness
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 16:45:09 -0500
If it is squealing I would say it's not tight enough, also if it has 
squealed much it will get glazed and squeal more easily with time...  
The AC compressor is quite a load and will need more tension than the 
alternator did by itslef to keep from making noise.


dave houser wrote:

> Listers,
> For those who have added A/C to their engines, how tight are you 
> making the belts between the compressor and alternator, and compressor 
> and crank?
> Is it tighter or the normal 3/4" play between belts? I've developed a 
> squeak when I turn the A/C on and when I take off from a light, a belt 
> squeals and I'm wondering if I have it too tight( I'm using a bar to 
> lever the alternator up before I tighten things up).
> TIA,
> Dave Houser

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