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Re: MGA Fuel Filter

To: Barrie Robinson <>
Subject: Re: MGA Fuel Filter
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 15:02:24 -0500
Bob Shaw
My MGA is not leaking, it is merely marking its territory

>> I'm new to the list, although I've owned a 1960 MGA since 1985  
>> that  has been
>> in the family since new.  I'm now in the process of putting the   
>> car back on
>> the road after a stint "on blocks" while the engine was being   
>> rebuilt.  My
>> question is, does anyone have some suggestions as to where to   
>> plumb a fuel
>> filter into an MGA.  After its period off the road, I'm sure   
>> there is a fair
>> amount of gunk in the fuel system that would be better
>> filtered  than sent to the
>> carburetors.

I agree that having the tank boiled out is a good idea and the lining  
may not be a bad idea. However, I had some difficulty with the lining  
flaking off and plugging the filter in my car. I spliced the filter  
into the line just after the fuel pump on the line to the  
carburetors. It has worked well for 10 years and several long trips  
(well, long to everyone except, maybe, Barney).

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