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Re: Engine stand

To: Larry Colen <>,
Subject: Re: Engine stand
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:42:57 -0500
The only way I know is the normal way,

I put the backing plate on with the block on the floor as well as the 
fly wheel once that is done you can put it on the stand like normal and 
get to everything easily.  You mention the FW and BP as critical but the 
area the pan covers is much more critical for all of the piston and 
bearing assembly that needs to happen you definitely want access to 
that.   I would think any other mounting "jig" would make the stand 
unstable since the stands are made for regular mounting at one end of 
the block or the other.

Larry Colen wrote:

>Is there a good way for mounting an MG blcok on an engine stand for
>building a motor?
>The obvious ways to do so tend to interfere with some critical phase
>of the assembly, such as installing the backing plate or flywheel.
>Has anyone ever built a jig that works well for holding the motor?
>Maybe something that bolts on where the oil pan would? 
>Maybe something that attaches to the side, where the motor mounts
>Likewise, is there an easily obtained tool that'll engage with the
>teeth on the flywheel and bolt to the backing plate, to keep the crank
>from turning when torquing down flywheel, crank or pulley bolts? I
>always end up needing to find someone to hold a BUS (Big Ugly
>Screwdriver) wedged into the teeth while I wrestle with the torque

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