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Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!

To: "Charles & Peggy Robinson" <>
Subject: Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:04:39 -0700
I thought dual braking systems were split diagonally -- so one circuit
operates front-left, plus rear-right, while the other circuit operates
front-right and rear-left. This would make them equal in terms of
pressure and fluid requirements.


On 10/12/06, Charles & Peggy Robinson <> wrote:
>    I believe the reason for the dual master cylinder in the so-equipped
> MGB is that the car has disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the
> rear.  This necessitates a different size piston in the master for each
> type braking circuit.
>    That being said, I agree that each circuit should have a firm pedal.
>   My take on the OP's problem is that the rear circuit was clogged up
> and the front circuit wasn't fully bled.
>    CR

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