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Starter gear problem

Subject: Starter gear problem
From: Pat Leask <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 07:21:10 -0800
How do I determine if I have the correct gear on the starter? I got a new
(used) starter for my  motor (1964 1800cc) and had it rebuilt and it could
perhaps have the wrong gear. Were the gears specific to the MGB motor, or
were all series "A" starter gears/rings the same?

After installing it I was able to crank the car a few times but now it has
jammed. I am wondering how I can determine if I have the correct gear on the
starter, or if for some reason it is not the correct one. (And yes, I tossed
the old starter that was junk)oops<G>

Thanks, Pat

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