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Re: Air Filter

To: "Thomas L. Burgin" <>,
Subject: Re: Air Filter
From: Carl French <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 13:48:04 -0800 (PST)
You do not say which KN's you bought. Are they the replace emtn filters for the 
stock SU air filter cans or are they the conical filters? The conical filters 
are what people have been using to fit around the servo. If you got the cans 
then Moss should take them back and send you the correct ones. If you are not 
satisfied with customer service there, contact Craig Cody there. He is (or was) 
in charge of the call center and is another LBC freak as many of them are. He 
has a very good record of working to keep us happy (as many at Moss do).
  Carl French

"Thomas L. Burgin" <> wrote:
  After three weeks I changed my 1980 MGB Zenith Carbs to SU 135's. I 
purchased a new fair of KN air filter from Moss Motors. I was told 
the these would fit. When bolting on the rear filter the chrome 
outer cover was against the vacuum boost of the brake master 
cylinder. I need a filter that bolt on without moving the engine or 
the master cylinder. I like the looks of the filters, but something 
would brake later.

Has any one gone through this? If so what is the solution? I would 
like to have a good airflow filter. I call the KN expert and I do 
think he can do anything to look up parts numbers and take orders.

Thomas L. Burgin
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