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Subject: [Mgs] List changes
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 21:59:53 -0600
As I alluded to last week, I've switched from majordomo
to mailman list management software.   Some things will be different, 
some will
be the same. As before, if you want to send mail to you
send mail to - you'd be surprised at how many folks
can NOT figure that one out!

With Mailman, managing your subscription should be more web friendly.
You can go to the web pages listed in the messages and muck about with
your settings. One major change is that there is now just the one list, the list no longer
exists. But this doesn't mean there is no digest format, it just means
that one doesn't need to unsubscribe from one list and subscribe to the
other just to switch formats. Go to the list pages, log in, and select 
or non-digest as you desire.

Another handy option is the 'nomail' feature.  If you are going to be away
from your email for a while, you can set your membership to nomail, and
then back to regular delivery upon your return.  A bit easier than having
to unsubscribe and then subscribe again.

A useful way to make use of the nomail feature is to enable submissions
from multiple addresses.  For example, one might want to subscribe as your main address.  But sometimes you
send mail from work, so you can subscribe
and set the second address to nomail.  So messages you send from
either address will pass the membership test, but you won't get multiple
copies of each list message.

RealSoonNow I'll have a web page that covers some more of the various
differences and features.


ps:  Wonder what sort of car I would drive if my middle name was George
       and not Joseph?


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