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Re: [Mgs] exhaust system flange

To: "Councill, David" <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] exhaust system flange
From: The Roxter <>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 12:11:32 -0500
Councill, David wrote:
> Last week I removed my exhaust system. But in the process, one of the
> studs  on the exhaust manifold flange snapped. I first made a cut in the
> remnant bolt so I could use a screw drive to remove it. Failing that, I
> tried in EZ-out. But the bolt is securely frozen in place. Yes, I also
> sprayed it over several days with penetrant, two kinds. Finally, I bored
> a hole through the center of the bolt, from the initial EZ-out hole.
> Gradually, in increased the hole up to 1/4". Now I am tapping the hole
> again. But my carbon steel 5/16-18 tap is not making much headway. I
> gave up for a few days and plan to resume the ordeal this afternoon.
> Any suggestions? Maybe my Harbor Freight tap is not good enough? Any
> suggestions on a cutting oil perhaps? I should mention that I am doing
> this under the car. I was going to pull the exhaust manifold but being a
> bit lazy and realizing that I couldn't find a better place to hold the
> manifold, it seemed like it was best to do it in place.
> I have a few more studs coming from Moss in a few days to complete the
> job. Strange that the previous bolt appears to have molded itself in
> place because it has only been maybe two years. But what is, is and
> getting the bolt tapped is the main task at hand.
> Hopefully some of you can reply before I resume the task in about 4
> hours.
If you can find a way to hold some Coca-Cola on that area, it's 
miraculous at things like this.

To Prevent a recurrence, I recommend using "Never-Seeze" or any other 
good copper grease on all exhaust fittings and fasteners.

-The Roxter

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