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Re: [Mgs] Driving, one bump, no power ....

To: Paul Root <>
Subject: Re: [Mgs] Driving, one bump, no power ....
From: The Roxter <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:25:44 -0500
Paul Root wrote:
> So I'm driving into work to replace the dns/proxy server.   And I change 
> lanes for my exit, and hit a bump.
> Radio goes off, no power, push in the clutch, and the engine dies. Hit 
> the starter, nothing.
> I have good speed so I manage to coast through the exit ramp and onto a 
> frontage road.
> I pull the battery cover, battery looks fine. Check the connections on 
> the starter, I pulled one off and put it
> back.  Nothing.
> Get out the trouble light. Power across the battery. Power to the brown 
> side of the fuse box, power to the
> other side, on 1. Check the ignition cutoff switch under the dash. It 
> wasn't tripped.  Fiddle with wires.
> Go back, and turn the key. Car starts. Cool.

Bad connection; something you did temporarily fixed it.
> Put the tools away, close the trunk, close the hood. Drive on.
> No radio, no clock. Ignition light is on. Hmm.
> Get to work, and check all the fuses I can find. None blown. So I've got 
> to do some tracing there.
> I'm thinking alternator. It needs a new belt anyway, it's been squealing 
> when cold for the past month, or more.
Definitely fix this.
> I think that the battery hopped and grounded out. It's not secured. I 
> know, stupid.
> I had the positive taped over so it couldn't ground out.  But I had left 
> the lights on a while back and killed the battery,
> so I had opened it up for the trickle charger. Then didn't tape it back up.
My guess: not the alto. Find out why no radio, no clock. Might nor be hot side; 
might be ground.

-The Roxter

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