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SV: The Troubleshooter & Aero8

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Subject: SV: The Troubleshooter & Aero8
From: Bjørn Schage <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 09:45:28 +0100
Hi Folks.

I'd like a copy of the show(s) as well. As previously said here, it's legendary 
and part of the Morgan lore.

BTW; I was in Geneva this weekend, and one thing is for sure: you have to see 
it too believe it! I'm quite a traditionalist myself, but the Aero8 was 
sensational. I was very well greeted at the stand, and took a lot of pictures 
and spoke to the people there for several hours. The pictures generally do not 
give the car credit!!( and the showcar is lowered as well....suppose Charles 
wants it to look even fiercer...)

There was quite a crowd at the stand, and I saw more than one hungry look, and 
not only from male dreamers...

There was a +8 at the stand too, but it didn't get much attention, I'm afraid. 
Seen together with the new car, I can understand why. 

My emotions are mixed about this. As the president of a Morgan club, I'm 
concerned about what kind of people will buy this car, and what it might do to 
the club. I think we have to live with the fact that a lot of people who aren't 
really Morgan-drivers as we know them ( and want them to be) will buy this car. 
Many of them probably won't join the club either. For a lot of the 
traditionalists it's probably way out of reach....

On the other hand; the factory should benefit greatly from this, and that's 
very important too. I think Charles and the team at the Works has done a great 

Happy Morganeering
Bjørn Schage
President Of The Norwegian Morgan Club ( FjordMog)
-62  +4 4-str
-69 +8
(no Aero8....not even on the horizon)

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