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To: "'Jimmy Whitley'" <doodle@flintemc.net>,
Subject: [oletrucks] RE: Power Windows
From: Terry Stellman <stellman@noex.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 07:19:16 -0600

I'm wrestling with the same problem on an AD truck right now.  I tried some 
from an AUDI that I picked up in the junk yard but it was going to take too 
much engineering so I reluctantly ordered a set from Ball's Rod and Custom 
after being assured buy the sales person that they would install in my truck.  
I received them day before yesterday and I don't see how on God's green earth 
they can be installed without practically cutting the door in half.  I boxed 
them back up and I am ready to send them back.  I have installed a new 
subframe, rearend, gas tank, steering column, converted the driver's door to be 
lockable with a key, etc. and the installation of these stupid power windows 
has been absolutely the most frustrating!  I had a couple of people suggest a 
couple of donor vehicles in the past but so far I have had brain lock on how to 
make something work.  I think maybe I need to see something that has already 
been done.  Sorry I am not helping you any but all this venting has made me 
feel better.

Terry Stellman
1949 3600
Missouri City, Texas

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test. My question  is has any one upgraded to power windows in their TF
truck. I have looked at the kits from specialty power windows. But was
hoping to find a more inexpensive way.
tim bell wrote:

> test
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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