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Subject: [oletrucks] Transmissions for sale
From: "Rob Steinmetz" <rstein@sssnet.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 05:38:24 -0500
    Over the past three years, I have collected several ideal transmissions
for my '50 GMC.  What made them "ideal" in my mind was that they would give
me overdrive.  The first is a Saginaw 4 speed, and the second is a Borg
Warner T-5.
    The Saginaw could be converted to an overdrive with the proper pieces
off a 3-speed Saginaw overdrive tranny.  The T-5 is basically a bolt-in to
the Chevy / GMC's (as others have mentioned on the list.)  I have now come
to the realization that my 1-ton truck is not going to be able to utilize
either of these transmissions, and maintain full towing capacity.  Besides,
I have decided to keep the truck "stock" in the transmission (read "I don't
have the money to adapt another transmission into my truck".)
    Who out of all the listmembers out there is looking for a T-5 or Saginaw
4-Speed?  Please contact me off-list, and we can discuss pricing and
shipping.  I live in the Cleveland, OH area.

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