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Exide is making a battery under several names that is essentially an Optima
twin.  Gel...spiral grid technology...etc.  The guys at NAPA the other day
said they prefer to sell the Exide battery because they can warrant it so
much more easily that the Optimas.  Apparently they have to call in an
Optima rep who handles all the warranty claims while they as technically
capable folks in their own right could take care of the Exides right in the
store themselves.  Now....I run a twin Optima setup in my Jeep......they are
the best I have ever had in a rig.........no muss no fuss, and they look
pretty cool as batteries go......but the guy also said they were running
about 25 bucks less per unit....I will have to look at them pretty hard as
the next need arises.


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Subject: [oletrucks] New Gel Cells

    I have used the 6v Optima gel cell in my 6v cars for some years with
complete satisfaction. My local friendly stopped carrying them for some time
ago, but I noticed last week that they are now carrying a new line of
American made gel cells called the "Orbital" by Exide, unfortunately in 12v
only. Does anybody know anything about them?

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oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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