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Subject: [oletrucks] RE: Rear End Primer
From: Bob_Keeland@usgs.gov (Bob Keeland)
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 09:30:16 -0700
        Thanks to Jim Forbes for the wonderful information on rear end choices. 
        This is just the type of information that I have been needing.  I still 
        have a question.  
        What is the widths of the original rearends of AD trucks.  Specifically 
        for a 1951 1/2 ton and a 1954 3/4 ton.  
        Neither of my trucks currently have a rearend and there are not a lot 
        AD trucks on the road here in southern Louisiana to look at (and it is 
        whole lot easier to ask than to crawl under an old truck amongst the 
        brush/weeds at a junk yard here in swamp country - I'll crawl under the 
        trucks when I know what I am looking for).
        Bob Keeland
        51 AD 5 Window 1/2 ton
        54 AD 5 Window 3/4 ton
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