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[oletrucks] Front end sway

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Subject: [oletrucks] Front end sway
From: "Tom Burt" <tburt@hirose.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 10:47:53 -0800
When I hit a bump at an angle (on the freeway or on the street), sometimes
the front end will sway dangerously side-to-side.  The motion is analogous
to a rolling motion.
My first impression is that the shocks were bad, but they were new. Then I
supected damaged leaf springs.

Here are a few questions regarding this problem:
1. Could broken leaves cause swaying problems?  Other than looking for
obvious fractures w/ a trail of rust particles, how can one tell there are
damaged leaves?
2. Bad shackle pins?  Is there any way to tell if the pins are worn without
2. Am I missing a stock sway bar or some other type of stabilizer?
3. The truck has a power steering mod installed.  Could the steering linkage
be worn causing this uncontrolled lateral movement?
I have gone through the front end by replacing tie rod ends and kingpins
some time ago.  The truck steers straight and the steering is quite
responsive (tight).

Tom B. '57 3200 Stepside

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