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[oletrucks] almost an accident

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Subject: [oletrucks] almost an accident
From: soundex@eden.com (craig k)
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 01:02:22 -0600
Need some advice on our brakes - they almost caused a wreck today!
When you hit the pedal too hard the driver's side front seems to lock,
throwing the rear end to the right and in general making for a dicey
situation (and too hard is really too -quick- as a good slow hard push is
ok). Tonight some idiot zipped in to my lane right in front of me and hit
the brakes (duh); I missed him but almost nailed a truck in the left lane
as the wheel locked and we slid into his lane.
I am assuming that something in the wheel cyclinder is wrong, or maybe I
can just back out the shoes a bit?
In theory, the M/C was rebuilt 4 years ago, so should I eliminate it as a
suspect or tear it out?

caretaker of
stephanie's 50 3104 216 5-window deluxe

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