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Subject: [oletrucks] members photo
From: Wayne Osborne <wcosborne@inetnow.net>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 10:55:38 -0500
Casey Mathews bought this late 47 from a neighbor after eyeing it with the
for sale sign for a couple of years. He found the normal problems with a 
truck that has been sitting for years, brakes locked-engine hard to start.
But after massaging the brakes and ignition woes, the truck did start and 
there goes Casey drivin off into the sunset with his newfound toy.
The truck still has the closed driveline with a '53 235 engine. As with all
of us, the rebuilt is a never ending procedure. He has replaced the guages,
worked on the driveline and for now just enjoys drivin it....Here it is..

Casey also send a cover photo of an original sales brochure..
along with a page, from the same brochure, showing the color sections
available for late 47/48 trucks...

As always these and many other members photos trucks can be seen at


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