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[oletrucks] Starter Problem

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Subject: [oletrucks] Starter Problem
From: bgwest@alaska.net
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 07:49:58 -0800
I just bought a '57 3200 that is a great driver.  The only problem I'm
having is with the starter.  The truck is all stock with a 235 six. The
starter is all mechanical (no solenoid), pushing the foot pedal advances
the pinion into the flywheel and at the end of the stroke makes contact
to energize the starter motor.  The problem is that most of the time the
starter spims but doesn't turn the engine over. Sometimes it will take
20 to 30 tries to turn the engine.  My friend Jim, who sold me the
truck, told me that it would start in gear as a solution. This seems to
work, but is still less than 50%.

I have taken the starter out and everything seems to be OK. Electrical
contact is made for the motor just as the pinion reaches the end of its
travel on the bendix. Everything looks good and there is not excess wear
on the pinion.

My suspicion is that the Sprague clutch in the pinion is worn and
doesn't always lock the pinion to the starter motor shaft when the
starter is trying to drive the engine.  This thinking is supported by
the fact that starting in gear does seem to work better; and when the
engine does turn over, it will only make one or two revolutions before
the starter spins free.

Any ideas or suggestions??

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