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[oletrucks] Vin Question on 59

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Subject: [oletrucks] Vin Question on 59
From: J Forbes <jforbes@primenet.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 12:27:25 -0700

The VIN should be on a stainless steel tag, which is spot welded to the
door jamb, between the hinges.  On earlier TF trucks it is on the
windshield pillar.  Not sure when they changed...but I've seen a 57 with
it up high, and a couple 58s with it down low, and my 59s both have it
down low.

A partial VIN is also on the frame, in TWO places.  The first is near
the steering gear, the second is under the cab, also on top of the
frame, and is rather hard to find unless the cab is off the frame.  This
partial VIN is missing the first few characters...I beleive it starts
with the model year, then has the assembly plant, then the sequential
number...so, it's missing the truck model number...which you can deduce
from looking at the frame anyways.  So, if it's a 59 shortbed truck,
with a 6 cyl from the factory, the VIN would look like 3A59L123456.  The
partial VIN on the frame would be 59L123456 in this case.

Hope this helps...

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