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[oletrucks] Searching for 59' Vin Numbers

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Subject: [oletrucks] Searching for 59' Vin Numbers
From: "Kevin D. Pennell" <oletwuk@amaze.net>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:28:35 -0500
Hi all,

  Reading the posts about locations of the Vin #'s got me curious.  As I've
never seen any numbers other than the plate riveted to the lower forward
drivers door post on my 59', I got the flashlight, a wire brush, my son, and
a fresh Beam n' Coke, and we went a hunting...

  Would you hold the flashlight for me "Mike", I asked.  Simple request.  He
complied.  I climbed under...  The frame rail visible under the wheel well
is clean.  Well, clean of numbers anyway. Nothing.  No numbers.  Nada'.  Oh
well, so much for the easy to get to part.

  Guess under the hood is the next logical step.  But...  There are things
lurking under there that have "TEETH!"  So...  Turn slowly so as not to
arouse his suspicions and -- Grab the son!!!  Grab the broom handle I use
for a hood holder!!!  Grab the son again!!!  Raise the hood!  Grab the son
again!!!  (He's screaming now... Not in there! DAD!!!   Not in there!!!!!
Not again!!!!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase!!!Aaaaaugh!)

  Hold the son..  Balance the Beam'...   Flip the son into an inverted Pike
position.  Tell the son it's really O.K., cause we have good health
insurance!  Raise him by his feet, maneuver his wiggling body over the black
hole of the engine compartment...   Pry his hands from the lip of the wheel
well...  Hold the feet, and the MagLight, balancing the Beam precariously
somewhere twixt the two!!

  A little more coaxing, (...something about "Death before Dishonor" and
"Parts Money" for his old truck), pry loose the two fingers still clinging
to that ugly turn signal mounted on top of the fender and...  the rest of
him vanished deep into the engine compartment.  Amazing, but a little 16
year old elbow grease and a wire brush brought them numbers right out.  And
quickly too!  They are on the top of the drivers side frame rail, about 4
inches forward of the steering box, resting comfortably.  See how easy that
was?!?!  Gee, Parenthood can really be fun sometimes! (Smile!)

Kevin P.
59' Apache 38/NAPCO

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