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[oletrucks] Front springs

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Subject: [oletrucks] Front springs
From: "Guy Francis" <guyf@waterford.org>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 08:49:58 -0700
I got looking at my springs on the front of my 46 3100 and I found some
obvious problems.  Beside the fact that the U-bolts on the left side are
very loose I started counting leafs. Six on the left, eight on the
right. I don't think that's normal. My question is this, can I swap the
springs from my 3/4 ton parts truck, and put them on my 1/2 ton? That's
what I'm thinking of doing but I thought I'd run it past ya'll first.
Find out if there is any major problems waiting for me.

Guy Francis
46 3100

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