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Subject: [oletrucks] Malibu
From: Hudson29@aol.com
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 11:48:17 EST
    I'm a little behind on my posts, but a recent trip seemed worthy of a 
brief note even if a touch late. Several weeks ago, while we in SoCal were 
still sweltering through a late season heatwave, one of my car clubs, The 
Roaring Twenties Antique Car Club had a tour to the world famous Malibu beach 
area. I'm sure that every TV or movie watcher is familiar with the look of 
the place as the film industry shoots there frequently. Many famous shows 
have been set there including one of my favorites, The Rockford Files 
starring James Garner.
    On this particular day, I had no interesting cars ready to tour, so I 
went in a modern car and just sort of tagged along. One of our other members 
had the same problem as he showed up in one of his "moderns," a freshly 
restored 1959 Chevrolet pickup with it's original 235.
    Boy this was one neat truck! The owner bought it new in '59 and had 
restored it three times over the years, each time doing a better job. It now 
looks like a factory fresh model. He is an old Chevy truck type of guy from 
year one, as he has two of the Art Deco models that he drives unrestored on 
club tours. As luck would have it, I wound up right behind this lovely white 
'59 on the tour and had the pleasure of seeing the truck driving for an 
extended time.
    This truck created a sensation. Lots of folks smiled and waved as they 
watched it go by and plenty of other drivers pulled up to take a good look. 
Those old trucks are popular folks! When we paraded by Santa Monica (aka The 
People's Republic) on Pacific Coast Highway, things began to look 
surrealistic, as if WE were part of a movie. There were lot's of palm trees, 
white sandy beaches, hot rods, woodies with fer shure surfer dudes and 
bikinied beach bunnies a-plenty. Sometimes it's sorta hard to keep an eye on 
the road.
    In the midst of this whirl of color and action, a lovely baby blue early 
TF shorty with drop front end and a big rorty motor zoomed by our column in 
the fast lane and briefly fell into formation with our '59 resto. After 
exchanging grins and thumbs up with our club member, he roared off to 
whatever his destination was. Just moments later, the same thing happened 
again with a jet black TF shorty also with a drop front end. What a day for 
the TFs!
    A little later up in the "movie colony" area of Malibu, someone had an AD 
cabover Jimmy growling along in the slow lane going south as we proceeded 
north. This had the look of a working truck, with faded pasty looking dark 
green paint and company lettering on the door. I'd like to think that he was 
on his way to pick up one of those beautiful streamlined aluminum trailers to 
match his tractor.
    The day wasn't over, however.  Late that afternoon, when I got back to 
Fullerton, I spotted a late AD 1 ton with a rack on the bed, four smashed 
fenders and the remnants of a long ago white paint job. This old AD soldered 
along in the slow lane with a bed full of "stuff" returning from yet another 
job somewhere. The driver looked old and tired and he probably was thinking 
of dinner and a couple of cold ones. I wonder what he would have thought had 
he known somebody had admired his long serving steed.

Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com
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The Poor Man's Advanced Design Tech Tips Page
Fullerton, California USA
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