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[oletrucks] Big block alternator bracket

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Subject: [oletrucks] Big block alternator bracket
From: J Forbes <jforbes@primenet.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 16:28:39 -0700
"Need a bracket to fit a late model GM alternator. 454 with short water
pump in a 53' Chevy 3100.  I must be getting senile, but I can't
remember which company makes billet alternator and AC brackets.  Anybody
know off the top of their head?"

I don't know for sure who all makes them, but I got a steel AC bracket
for a small block from Alan Grove Components about 10 years ago, that
worked well. He made lots of stuff for big blocks as well.  Try him at
913-837-4368.  There are lots of other advertisers in Street Rodder
magazine that have billet brackets, such as Street & Performance, Billet
Specialties, etc.  The street rod setups usually have the alternator
mounted up high, to clear 1930s skinny hoods.

If you want original parts...you will need to find the two brackets from
a 65-68 car or 68-70 truck with a big block.  The alternator sits out a
ways on the driver side with the factory setup (short water pump).  Let
me know if you want a pic of the stock bracket setup.

Hope this helps you get closer to being "on the road"...

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