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Re: [oletrucks] 55-57 vs 58-59 frames, wipers

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] 55-57 vs 58-59 frames, wipers
From: Passnb4U@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 01:29:38 EST
In a message dated 11/21/99 10:05:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
jforbes@primenet.com writes:

> Hi...wierd, I'm trying to turn my 57 Suburban into a 59!  If you have
>  any nice 58-59 fenders you want to give away in the Arizona are, please
>  let me know!
>  The 58-59 frames are longer, by 2 or 3 inches, at the very front where
>  the bumper bolts on.  You can probably cut off the end of the frame and
>  drill new holes to fix this.  Also, the radiator supports are differen,
>  the bracket that is riveted to the frame will be in the wrong place, and
>  I think also the wrong height.

  You know Jim,

  I've been trying to tell folks this for years, but everyone said "Oh no, I 
measure the frames, they're the same".

  I converted my '59 to a '55/6/7 and after it's all together it looks the 
same...until you mount up the front bumper, and sticks out some.

  I've left mine as is, and one day will whack off a bit from the frame, 
probaly when I swap out the '55/6 grille for  the '57.

  I didn't do any modification for the radiator and brackets or anything, 
they're still sitting where they were with the '59 sheetmetal, I did have to 
do a little modding to the hood latch though, I had two or three different 
ones, don't recall how many, but none of the arm bend angles were correct.

>  The wiper motor thing:  The 55-57 trucks used an electric motor similar
>  to the 55-57 car motor.  The 58-59 trucks used a 58 car electric motor,
>  which is quite a bit bigger and mounts way different.  So, you could
>  probably (not sure, so don't quote me) use a 55-57 motor in any TF
>  truck, but you CANNOT use a 58-59 motor in a 55-57 truck.  I think all
>  the vacuum motors are the same.
>  The front fender stuff looks the same where it bolts to the cab.  I
>  haven't tried it yet...I really ought to before I get too far along!
  I had no problems going from the '59 to the single head lght fender, you 
shouldn't have one going the other way.

>  Jim

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