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[oletrucks] worn steering gear box

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Subject: [oletrucks] worn steering gear box
From: "Jared W" <chevyolds@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 21:51:41 GMT
Hey guys,

We put over 1200 miles on the truck this summer and have finally decided to 
do some thing with the loose steering. We now have the steering gear sitting 
on the bench. It has a worn sector shaft bushing and seal - not that big a 
problem. However, what can be done with the wear in the housing side cover 
bushing (pilot end of sector shaft)? Shop manual says to replace the side 
cover with a new bushing already installed (it is not practical to replace 
only the bushing). I've seen catalogs listing the bushing in the rebuild 
kit, but is it possible to replace just the pilot end bushing and not the 
entire cover? Is it possible to get a new side cover with the bushing 
installed? Any ideas?

51 chevy 1/2 ton

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