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[oletrucks] Re: [napco4x4] (Fwd) question about TF Suburban Carryalls

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: [napco4x4] (Fwd) question about TF Suburban Carryalls
From: MarkNoakes@aol.com
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 14:29:10 EST

Yes that's why those plates are there and you can do the swap from barn door 
to tailgate.  I'm  working a deal with someone to get a complete setup for 
that swap myself. . .everything is taken care of except my schedule for 
traversing the 1500 mile round trip distance to get it.  It's not trivial 
project but is doable and is about the same as my 58 to 56 front end sheet 
metal conversion.

Tailgate setups tend to be hard to find, to be rusted out, to have broken 
hinges, and to be missing the swing out third brake light/license plate 
frame.  I have one setup that is so rough and missing parts that I decided to 
look for another. . .which I did find eventually.

People have told me I'm crazy for wanting to do this swap as the lift gate 
tends to be too high (especially on napco trucks which yours is, right? . . . 
and mine will be someday), and I know for a fact that they can be fragile. . 
. the hinge issue is a real problem. . .but I just like them better than the 
barn doors.

Good luck in your search.

Mark Noakes
58/56 Suburban
Knoxville, TN and Idaho Falls, ID

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Hi fellas:

I noticed on my 58 suburban with rear panel doors that there are 
several "plates" along the vertical panel door jamb and upper jambs 
which appear to have no function.  I speculate that these plates cover 
the mounting areas for the optional drop/lift gate assembly had the 
owner ordered the suburban with drop gates instead of panel doors.  

Does anyone know if a drop/lift gate assembly will bolt right in with 
the appropriate accompanying hardware?  

Also, was 59 drop/lift gate assembly identical to the 58 assemblies?? I 
think they were.  Does anyone know of a complete decent condition 
58 or 59 drop/lift gate assembly???   I want to swap out my panel 
doors as this is more of a family truck than a work truck.

Eric Pesci >>

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