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Subject: [oletrucks] Off-topic : '74 Chevy 3/4 ton brake MC keeps losing fluids from rr
From: GremlinGT@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 19:00:19 EST
  I have a '74 Chevy 3/4 ton p/u, and I have a problem that's been driving me 
crazy!! It loses fluid from the rear reservoir of the dual MC, and overflows 
out the front! I tried swapping the MC...no dice. Then, I found out about the 
disc/drum pressure modulator valve, down on the front I-beam assembly. No 
store carried them, at all! I finally broke down and went to the dealership, 
they had two in stock, brass, $80 each. Yow! But, I paid for it, installed 
it, and it worked fine for 2 months...then, back to the same ol' problem! I 
alleviated it somewhat by cutting a channel between the front and rear 
reservoir, so when I accelerate, it will pass from the front ( overflower ) 
to the rear ( loser ). But it still doesn't solve the problem. Has anyone 
ever run across this before, and know what I should try next? Maybe the 
modulator pressure balance valve went bad again, but I'm not eager to pony up 
another $80 to find out! Maybe I"ll hit a junkyard and get a couple of used 
ones to try out, see if that  will solve the problem. Is it possible one of 
the calipers is locking up, and not passing fluid, so the pressure gets too 
high and it pushes past the valve? It seems to stop ok, although not 
exceptionally quick...I've driven similar year trucks, and those brakes seem 
to be more sensitive than mine is. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks! 
   My move to my new house is halfway...got the girlfriend moved in, now to 
move my stuff from the stinkin' townhouse. So I'll have a place finally to 
work on the ol' '55 Suburban once I get some other projects finished, which 
are closer to completion. Yee-ha! Well, TIA for any help. Bye!

Jerry Casper
Woodbridge VA
New two-car ( er, truck ) garage owner with detached house....
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